ANAK-Tnk's life

Ate Tess, once a scavenger… now a teacher

Scavenger on the smoking mountain, ate Tess started out as a beneficiary of ANAK-Tnk, then went on to work with young people with disabilities.

Maritess is one of the 200 Filipino employees. Much loved by the children, her huge smile and enthusiasm are infectious. However, ate Tess’ s life has not always been so happy. Maritess lives in the shanty town of Aroma.

When she was very young, in order to earn a living, she spent her days sorting rubbish at the huge open-air dump, “smokey mountain”, named after the acrid smoke produced when charcoal is made.

A living hell.

Sorting the rubbish every day, fighting to survive… and tragic experiences, such as the death of a child crushed by the shovel of a large refuse truck trying to pick up the “best” bits. On hearing about the foundation, this young mother first became a beneficiary and then quickly became a community worker for the foundation.

She found it an essential breath of fresh air that reawakened the hope in her heart, too long stifled by the trials of life.

Noticed for her incredible skills with young people, the foundation first offered her replacements in our homes for young people with disabilities.

Ate Tess revealed herself as a teacher! So much so that for almost 8 years now, she has been in charge of the workshop for children with special needs.  


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