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In the slums

In the midst of Metro Manila, thousands of families suffer daily from the hardships of the life in the slums. To meet the basic needs of these poor communities, the foundation has created a program to empower parents to be themselves the catalyst for change.

Listening to poor urban

Prior to open a center, following the request of these families, we first evaluate the situation of the place by an immersion of our teams and in-depth field surveys by house-to-house questionnaires. If the survey shows that the creation of a center is favorable, ANAK-Tnk launches a daycare center closer to the families.

Today, 11 daycare centers have been opened in different slums of Manila.

Further openings are under study. More than a simple presence and a friendly place, a center provides various action programs on nutrition, education, health, training and monitoring of nearby families.

Our actions in the midst of the slums

For better nutrition
Distribution of complete daily meals, malnutrition monitoring and long-term follow-up.
For access to healthcare
Medical check-ups, health monitoring, hygiene training. Simple daily acts that change lives.
For early childhood education
A preschool for children under 6 years old, and tutorials for children over 6 years old.
To help families
Training throughout the year where parents learn ways to improve their daily lives. The objective is to make them involved in their change and in the life of the center.

Community workers

These are mothers or fathers from the slums, unemployed, whose children are beneficiaries of ANAK-Tnk and who are involved in the program. They receive training to take part in activities with the children and to keep the day care centers alive. They receive an allowance for this. Our goal is to develop the self-empowerment of families in the slums to create a virtuous circle that will have an impact on the entire local community.

"Tutorial support from ANAK-Tnk center helps me a lot, as my dream is to become a doctor. So I will be able to help everyone here."

Angela 9 years old

Key figures




Day care centers


Community workers from the slums

Angela 9 years old, Ragpicker

Angela is barefoot, carrying a large plastic bag on her back with her bright eyes and full of confidence. She is proud to tell us about her daily life. Beneficiary of our actions for the families of the slums, Angela, a ragpicker, attends the tutorial sessions of one of our day care centers nearby the Manila dumpsite.
“In the morning I go to public school, I’m in grade 3, and then if mom doesn’t have enough money for food, I go to the dumpsite to collect plastic, cans and carton. I make some pesos that I give to mom. Sometimes at school the other kids tease me but it doesn’t last, because they don’t know how to help their family! My mother encourages me to continue my studies. The tutorial program at the ANAK-Tnk center helps me a lot, because my dream is to become a doctor.

So I will be able to help everyone here.”

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