How to help us?

Make a donation, join a local team, organize a fundraising campaign…


Each donation matters

Since 1998, we’ve been providing on-the-ground aid programs to meet the basic needs of all children. Your donation goes directly to Metro Manila on the field, in a short circuit! It will support the construction and renovation needs of the various centers, as well as provide food and health care products directly to the children…

100% of your donation goes to the field

Meals, uniforms, school supplies, hygiene products, equipment, house, medical expenses… Like any family, there are many daily expenses. 100% of your donation enables these children and vulnerable people to receive what is vital to them.
Thanks to your generosity, together we are changing their lives.

Get involved with
a local team

Each member is precious

These teams of volunteers are key members of the “ANAK-Tnk family”, sharing the inspiring stories of the children of Manila through various events. They are the backbone that provides the necessary resources to the children and families that ANAK-Tnk serves on a daily basis in the Philippines.

Create your online crowdfunding campaign

Each initiative is vital

To provide for the needs of street children, in direct link with the teams in the Philippines, start your own crowfunding campaign here. How will you challenge your friends and family? An event (school party, birthday, wedding…), a sports or fun challenge, a Christmas campaign, a Lenten operation with your parish or your association will make them enter into the joy of giving…

"If we prove to this child that he is able to love and be loved, we have won everything."

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