The Daily Miracles

For more than 25 years, the ANAK-Tnk family has been working night and day to save the poorest people in the streets and slums of Manila. Find here some stories of these heroes of resilience and hope: from those who help them in the field and from those who spread the word about the foundation’s work throughout the world.

Discover the story of Alex,
former street child and now a teacher at the foundation

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"I want to be Love"

The story of Tonette


Tonette is a young girl with Down's syndrome. Left totally behind by her family, she became a street child at the age of 10. Many investigations were carried out by our social workers to find her family. But to no avail. Tonette has been part of the foundation, a big family, for 15 years now. And when asked about her life plans, she answers: "I want to be LOVE". Despite all the terrible trials in her life - she was abandoned, vulnerable, at the mercy of the worst in the streets - she shows us the most important thing: love.

Discover Nikky’s job,
social worker in our slum
community-based program

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Tens of thousands children live alone in the streets of Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. ANAK-Tnk, today directed by Father Matthieu Dauchez, assisted by Gloria Recio, Charles and Elise Cruse, and a whole team of educators, comes to their rescue. The action of ANAK-Tnk is supported beyond the Philippines by different local groups in : France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Germany, Belgium, Australia… “They need your LOVE… We need your HELP!”

Filipino employees

Community workers from the slums


Volunteers of international solidarity


Volunteers around the world


Teams on site to help the children

Professional employees and volunteers


ANAK-Tnk is composed of: House-parents (like "dads" and "moms" in the centers), center managers, teachers, psychologists, social workers and street educators, nurses, drivers, administrative employees, food workers, about sixty "moms" from the slums, a few international solidarity volunteers (VSI), and a French couple, Elise and Charles Cruse, all under the direction of Father Matthieu Dauchez. All these people, in close collaboration with the local social services and the local schools, work daily for the most vulnerable people of Manila.

Teams dedicated to help the children

France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, United-Kingdom, United-States, Singapore...


To organize a conference, a Christmas market, a charity event, logistical, communication and legal support, they all answered " yes ". It is the action of ANAK-Tnk relayed beyond the Philippines by its volunteers under the coordination of Mr. Pascal Breton. Today, they are active in the following countries: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore... ...and maybe tomorrow in your country! Aujourd’hui présents dans les pays suivants : France, Espagne, Italie, Suisse, Royaume-Uni, Etats-Unis, Singapour... ...et peut-être demain là où vous êtes.

Macky, former street child
who has become a policeman!

"My home was the street, now ANAK-Tnk is my family."
"Now I'll finally learn to read and write, I'll be able to read plenty of stories to my sisters."
"Our goal is to guide these youth in becoming more independent, to give them a desire to learn and to develop themselves."
Ate Tess, special education teacher

Marissa meets her mother after searching her for 16 years.

Her story through Elise's eyes


Marissa found her mother after 16 years of searching. Street child with a disability, Marissa was admitted into our homes at age 11 in 2006. The educators had no record of her family. In this case, the educators become like detectives trying to find out what happened. The years have passed, Marissa has grown up, fully developed and is pursuing specialized training to become independent. Through social networking, the educators tracked down her mother. After 16 years... Unbelievable. I had the privilege to accompany Marissa with her social worker and a psychologist on this visit. Mother and daughter spontaneously hugged for a long time. It was a moment out of time, an overwhelming emotion...

“Everyone must ask themselves the question, have I learned to weep when I see a child who is hungry, a drugged child on the street, a child who has no home, a child who has been left behind, a child who has been abused, a child who is used by our society as a slave?”

Pope Francis
during his 2015 visit to the foundation in Manila

Our History


Creation of Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation (ANAK-Tnk)

Opening of the first residential home for street children boys

2000 - 2004

Opening of the first residential centers

Opening of new centers for boys
Opening of the first center for girls
Opening of day-care centers in the slums and a day-care center on the "smokey mountain"

2006 - 2010

Expansion of programs

Opening of a home for students
Launching of the new program for children with disabilities
Opening of a rehabilitation center/farm outside of Manila


New Director

Father Matthieu Dauchez

2012 - 2014

Consolidation of the foundation

Opening of the first nursery for toddlers
Acquisition of new houses for street children


Visit of Pope Francis to the foundation


Launching of the new program for elderly people

2020 - 2021

Covid crisis, lockdown and online class during 2 years


new project Liwanag launched

& transfer of the farm in the Quezon province


25th anniversary of ANAK-Tnk


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