Let’s fund 6 months of meals for a home for street children !

Today more than anything, it is hunger that torments the population and the children of the ANAK-Tnk foundation. We invite families to join the efforts of 9th grade students from Sainte-Croix de Neuilly: Together, let’s take up the challenge of financing as many meals as possible.


Macky, a former street child, was welcomed into the ANAK-Tnk homes at the age of 9, where he was able to grow up and even fulfil his dream of becoming a policeman!

Brave mum!

Daily life in the slum of Happyland in Tondo : a mother teaches her daughter the alphabet.


Liwanag means light in Tagalog and it is the name of the foundation’s new project, like a light of Hope for all our youth! ANAK-Tnk was very lucky to be able to buy a piece of land by the sea in the province of Quezon, South-East of Manila.

1, 2 and 3 New Homes

2022 : No time to rest this year either with the opening of 3 centers for street children !

URGENT NEEDS : Fire in the slum of Puting Bato, Navotas, Manila (May 17th 2022)

Yesterday night, a fire devastated a part of the slum of Puting Bato, where our foundation operates through a day-care center for children. More than 100 hundred families, it means about 900 people lost everything. Our day-care center is safe, so our staff and community workers are helping people affected, responding to their urgent needs, […]

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