ANAK-Tnk's life


Liwanag means light in Tagalog and it is the name of the foundation’s new project, like a light of Hope for all our youth! ANAK-Tnk was very lucky to be able to buy a piece of land by the sea in the province of Quezon, South-East of Manila.

After 24 years leading the children all the way to the end of their postgraduate studies, the foundation would like to offer them professional training in order to provide more options for their future. This project in reality contains 5 projects in 1.

The first one, which has already been accomplished, is the transfer of our rehab farm for street children to this coconut plantation on a hill.

A huge project full of Hope

The second, in the short term, is the construction of a campsite to hold the numerous activities of the foundation, in particular the summer camp which brings together our entire program for street children (more than 700 people, children and accompanying staff).

Finally, bearing in mind that tourism represents 10% of the Philippine economy, the remaining 3 projects in the medium term, are the opening of a training school for various professions in the tourism industry (e.g., room staff, cleaning and reception staff, cooks and waiters and waitresses); building a resort to apply high-end service for practical training; and finally, making this resort a place of employment for our disabled young adults.

A huge project full of Hope, which is already rolling thanks to you, and which we look forward to keeping you updated on!

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