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1, 2 and 3 New Homes

2022 : No time to rest this year either with the opening of 3 centers for street children !

No time to rest this year either! With 2020 and 2021 blocking all possibilities of opening new homes, 2022 is a fruitful year. An absolute necessity considering the huge demand. We’ve rolled up our sleeves to catch up on our delays to give a home to all the children of the street who joined us during the Covid period.

The first home was opened in April, “St Josephine Bakhita” home (work stopped for 2 years) welcomes disabled young girls. Annie, age 15, is now happy and reassured after having asked us every single week for one year where her “future home” was. Early July, “St Louise of Marillac”, our residential home No. 6 for young girls also welcomed its 12 new residents; and “Bl. Carlo cutis”, our home No. 7 for young boys, opened its doors at the end of August, just in time for going back to school. The foundation has thus worked tirelessly, as it has done for almost 25 years, to find new means to meet the needs of the poorest as best it can. These new homes illustrate this work and you are their patrons!

Charles Cruse – Human Resources Manager in Manila 

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