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Last week, many children graduated from Elementary School, High School and Senior High School
James, 20, and Sarah, 18, just accomplished their grade 12 and graduated in the humanities and social sciences. They agreed to talk about their experience at the Foundation.

James is the eldest of three siblings. He has a younger brother, Andrew, and a younger sister, Sheryl, who are also in the foundation. “The first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up is my family, my brothers and sisters, because I believe in that.’’

James is passionate about volleyball “When I was nine years old. I already watching the Karasuno and the haiku from the Japan’’, and he likes also dancing, singing and calligraphy

‘’If you have dreams, if you have something to do or to achieve in your life, just stay focused on.  Yes, we have faced a lot of problems, struggles in our lives, but the most important thing is to always remember why we are here, what is the purpose of your being here, which is to study and have a good future in life. ”

James wants to become a teacher. ‘’A teacher gave me a challenge: to teach children. I want to realize the dream of my mother to become a teacher, I want to teach many children.’’

Next school year, James will complete a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in English, PBS Kids, at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Sarah is ready to become independent.
She was 13 year old when the street educators found her. She enjoys playing volleyball and badminton, as well as singing and dancing.

Her dream is to become a Flight Attendant, and to achieve this she would like to study tourism, which she has already done.

‘’Tnk is full of love. This foundation helps us to overcome our future. It helps and saves children who have lost the love and care of their parents”.

Sarah will leave the foundation tomorrow to live with her sister and continue her studies. It’s an emotional moment, not only for her but for all her little sisters in the residential home.

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