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Fresh graduates!


In a year full of hope, we are proud of our two new graduates in computer science and technology!

They have been with the Foundation since their early years, and are now ready to become independent, motivated by a single goal: to create their own loving family.

Jesus, 24, loves basketball and chess, and enjoys cooking typical Filipino dishes: adobo and caldereta: “The most important thing for me is to build my life around my own family, with a stable job in a small business.”, addressing his younger brothers and sisters at TNK: “Be strong, and keep believing in your dreams and goals.” Jesus was 11 when he joined the foundation. He doesn’t remember much about that time, but knows it was an important step in his life.

Mark, 22, is passionate about basketball, learned to cut the hair of his center siblings during lockdown and also has an appetite for furniture repair. When he was 5, he joined the foundation like his two older brothers. For him, TNK is a big hope: “My dreams are like a big mountain! Among them, I would like to create my own computer company. But my priority is to help my family”, addressing his young brothers and sisters at TNK: “Don’t lose hope, be kind to your home educators and follow your dreams!”.

Congratulations to our graduates!

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