ANAK-TNK celebrates its 25th anniversary !

25 years of commitment, hope, joy & LOVE Are you up to the CHALLENGE ?? To celebrate our ANAK-Tnk 25th anniversary, let’s give street children an unforgettable day ! We need your help to offer a wonderful day to the children who have been deprived of so many things. Celebrating together our foundation day through […]

Summer Camp 2023

At the beginning of August, we all headed off to the seaside for the traditional annual summer camp. For 11 days, we were 600 people: street children and staff: guaranteed fun!

Financial and social transparency

Transparency on all levels is a key word which requires us to be careful and determined day after day. Financial transparency of course, human transparency above all. The children the foundation cares for are small fragile vases, sometimes broken, which need to be restored with immense delicacy. The wounds lie just beneath the surface, the […]

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