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TNK Annual Report 2020


Here is our last Annual activity and financial report of 2020 !

The cry of the poor has been heard many times : « We will not die because of the Covid, but because of hunger! » Father Matthieu Dauchez, TNK Executive Director in Manila.

It would not be possible to describe this year 2020 without speaking mainly of the world sanitary crisis that has provoked an unimaginable earthquake far beyond the only medical aspect.

Regarding the foundation, the crisis is a major one. 400 children lock-downed without interruption between the walls of their shelters, thousands of others in slums areas, exposed not only to the virus – against which they show themselves very resistants – but also, and especially to the economic impact since they have no means of surviving anymore.

Our Strength: 100% of your donation goes to the field ! since 23 years all the running costs of our association are covered by our dedicated volunteers.


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