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Our new projects for 2022


Massive poverty in Metro Manila due to pandemic ..

The situation today on the streets and in the slums reflects massive poverty, it is clearly a question of survival for many families. The pandemic and endless lockdown have a devastating effect on employment. Prostitution is everywhere, in particular in the port zone of Manila, at a level never seen before in 25 years. As expected, our educators on the street have met more abandoned children. With everyone’s help, we hope to open new homes in 2022 to meet this unparalleled emergency. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

Gloria Recio – deputy director of the foundation in Manila

To meet the needs of the poorest in Metro Manila, in 2022, we plan to : 🚀

Street children program :

  • Open a second shelter for girls with special needs (at the beginning of the year)
  • Open a 7th shelter for boys (buying a new house)
  • Open a 6th shelter for girls (renovating a house we have already)
  • Buy 2 passenger vans for the foundation

Slum children program :

  • Open a new day care center in a very poor area where the needs are huge (at the beginning of the year)
  • Renovation and expansion of our day care center at Aroma 
  • Move our day care center John-Paul 2 in Catmon  : build a new center 

Street children, children with disabilities, elders abandoned, children in the slums … we want to extend our help as far as possible to the ones in need of Metro Manila.
Our priority is always to focus on the family atmosphere in the whole foundation.

We need you to realize these great projects,

Thank you so much ❤️,

TNK Family

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