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“Our mission goes beyond its walls” Fr. Matthieu Dauchez


” When you were sick or in prison,
when did we come to you ? ”
(Mt 25, 39)

Following the lives of the children who have moved on from the Foundation is often a source of great joy for us, when young fathers or young mothers proudly come back to introduce us to their own families.
We are always happy and proud to see all the love that they want to give to their own children… all this love that they did not receive when they were small children.

But sometimes the mission of the foundation goes beyond its walls, because we try just as hard to follow those who have not yet succeeded to escape their challenges or to help those who have made poor choices. Some of these poor choices sometimes even lead them to the hell of prison life in Manila and our dedication to supporting them at this new low point of their lives can become a source of profound conversion.
How many times have we seen a young hardened street youth break down in tears when seeing us come to visit him in prison and he comes to realize that someone cares about him ; “I was in prison, and you came to me” (Mat 25: 36).

Here we can see again the mission of the Foundation as a family – for better or for worse – and the challenges never stop coming to keep us centered on the essential.
“The wounds of misery call for the healing power of mercy. The wounds of sin call for the healing power of grace” (Savonrole)

Rev. Fr. Matthieu Dauchez
ANAK-Tnk executive director

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