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Into the streets life… to meet the most destitute of Manila


8pm. It’s Saturday. Busy night for a roaming team. The street educator, volunteer and social worker are busy collecting the different documents for Ryan, 9 years old, to be able to join the foundation and leave the life on the street.

In the distance, a shadow in the night. On the sidewalk, between a tree and a car, the figure of Rudy is still. He’s not moving except for the stick he’s holding in his hand. We quickly realize that this stick enables him to see. Rudy is what they call a “lolo”, a 65-year-old homeless man. He is blind, and has been looking for his bed for 15 minutes, a little piece of fabric left a little further down on the sidewalk. There’s no way. He can’t get a hold of it. He goes the other way around and comes back, but without any landmark, keeps looking for it in the 3 square meters he has claimed for himself on the sidewalk. After looking for 30 minutes, he ends up laying on the ground 2 meters away from the tarp he believes to be just above his head.
After talking with the street educator, Rudy accepts to meet him again the following day. These exchanges will enable the educator to establish a relationship with this street man and to guide him towards a new life.

The mission of the foundation, originally dedicated to children only, is evolving with time and people’s needs. Children or elderly ; vulnerability is everywhere. Rudy, with his long white hair and bandana, looking like a cowboy, is the typical example the poor being pushed aside during economic development.

Yet seeing his smile and his joy when arriving in the elderly home shows always that love can save and will keep saving the neglected souls of the city streets.

#Saved By Love ❤️

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