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Darwin Ramos, street child and ANAK-Tnk’s kid, is declared Servant of God by the Vatican


So glad to hear that of one of our child, a former street child, is now named Servant of God by the Vatican!

Darwin Ramos (1994-2012) became a scavenger at an early age with his younger sister, in order to help his poor family.
The initial symptoms of what will later be diagnosed as Duchenne muscular dystrophy appeared. Progressively, Darwin could no longer stand and his muscles weakened. Poverty pushed the family to live on the street. Every morning Darwin was dropped off by his family at the Libertad metro station to beg from passers-by who were taking pity on the boy.

In July 2006, a group of street educators of ANAK-Tnk Foundation (Tulay ng Kabataan),met Darwin and proposed him to join the  foundation. Darwin entered in one of the centers of the foundation dedicated to the street children with disabilities: “Our Lady Of Guadalupe center”.
Its physical condition deteriorated progressively. Despite of it, Darwin uplifted the staff and the children at the Foundation by the way he lived with his illness. The words he repeated often were: “Thank you” and “I love you.” He developed a deep personal relationship with Christ. He never complained and always smiled even during difficult times. He was attentive to all and showed support to the other children in their trials.

When he was speaking of his illness, he did not talk about his myopathy but of he was calling it his “mission.”

The Darwin’s end-of-life was like a Holy Week. On September 16, 2012, his condition worsened suddenly: Darwin felt pain while breathing and was then led to hospital. Even in these moments of great suffering and despite the fact that his hour was about to come, he continued to maintain a friendly attitude, thanking everyone for the services that were being lent to him.
Thursday, September 20, 2012, Darwin experienced a spiritual battle. He said: “I am fighting against the devil.” Friday, Darwin looked peaceful and had a big smile. He thanked those who had cared for him and expressed his joy in the hope of soon meeting the Lord by writing “A huge thank you” and “I am very happy.” Saturday, Darwin entered into a great silence while remaining conscious. He died in PCMC (Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Quezon City) on Sunday, September 23, 2012.


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👉  Servant of God Darwin Ramos. Cause for Canonization

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– Book 📚
Abbé Matthieu Dauchez, Plus Fort que les Ténèbres : L’histoire extraordinaire d’un enfant des rues de Manille, Paris, Artège éditions, 2015. (ISBN 9782360403363).

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