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Challenge: 1 hour for ANAK-Tnk


SUNDAY, JUNE 13 th 2021


All friends of ANAK-Tnk around the world are invited to join us for this event!

1 hour jogging, walking, skipping rope, 1 action for a neighbor … Do an action and get sponsored through your Alvarum page:

  • A difficult situation for street and slum children

In Metro Manila, a strict lockdown has been in place for more than 15 months, prohibiting children and elderly people from leaving their homes for all that time. The health crisis is giving way to an unprecedented economic crisis, poverty is exploding, many families have to make do with only one meal a day. We have to face this emergency, the mission of our street educators and in the slums is therefore crucial, the current and future needs are huge.

*Goal: to continue our work in the streets and slums of Manila

1h to mobilize and help ANAK-Tnk in its mission in the streets and slums of Manila by financing the outreaches of the street educator teams and the running of one of our day center in the slums.

*Budget :
Global fundraising: €30,000 -> €20,000 for street work (daily outreach, street educators) and €10,000 for the life of a ‘day center’ in the slums (150 beneficiaries per center).

SIGN UP! The children are counting on you

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