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Street Children program
305 children | 21 centers

There are thousands of street children in Manila without any link with their families. They are surviving alone on the streets of Manila by begging, stealing or prostituting themselves. Easy prey for gangs, most of them become drug addicts and fall victim to all kinds of abuse (physical, sexual, etc.). Discover how we help them:

In the street

The first step is the day and night presence of educators and social workers in the streets where these children live. They create bonds through discussion, activities and games that enable them to freely choose to join ANAK-Tnk.

Drop-in centers

Open day and night, the drop-in centers are shelters where children receive what they so desperately miss in the streets: love, education (with « bridge class » to prepare them for formal schooling), compassion, health care, and basic necessities such as food and clothes.


Reconciliation is the first goal of the ANAK-Tnk whenever it is possible. Registered social workers try to find the whereabouts of the families and, little by little, recreate a link between the parents and their child.

Though reconciliations are rare, it is always heartwarming to see a child reconciled with his parents since problems often come from within the family.

Residential homes

The assessment of the situation by the social workers very often reveals that reconciliation of the child with his family is inappropriate. In such cases, children are accommodated in one of our 21 residence homes where they live in a family atmosphere and are enrolled in public schools.

Farm and trainings

In order to protect those who are most exposed to the dangers in the street – such as gangs’ threats, drug addictions or conflicts with the law – the foundation opened a rehabilitation farm outside Manila.

Through farming, caring of animals and crops the youth can learn better habits than the destructive ones of the street and recover, preparing themselves for their future.

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