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Scavenger Children Program
800 beneficiaries | 4 centers

When the first “Smokey mountain” (a mountain of garbage where scavengers living there were also making charcoal) was closed in 1996, many families stayed in the area. About 40.000 scavengers still live today there in squatter areas. They survive by scavenging in the huge dumpsite of the port area. Discover how we help them :

In the midst

ANAK-Tnk has three centers erected near the dumpsite in order to meet the children’s urgent and basic needs of health, nutrition and education. Our centers have become an actual haven for all families whose living conditions are indescribable.

ANAK-Tnk has great concern for children because most of them suffer from the continuous deprivations compared to children living in the usual slums. Numerous children living within the dumpsite are born into a life of extreme poverty and are often given very little opportunity to escape the cycle.

Vital needs

The living conditions are unbearable for adults, and especially for children below 6 years old. They are exposed to all kinds of health hazards.

We respond urgently by providing them nutritious foods, protecting them against many illnesses and sending them back to school for a better future.

Attending school or eating their meals at the center is the key ingredient to help improve a child’s life. The longer a child stays at the center or in school the more time away from the dumpsite. In turn, their health improves by being away from putrid, toxic odors and fumes.

Outreach education

Scavenger children profile surveys are integrated in Outreach Education conducted by Outreach Educators and Community Volunteers in order to immerse and reach the children working all day long on the dumpsite.

The Foundation sends outreach educators to the dumpsite and nearby covered areas to be able to know and assess their real life situations, needs, concerns, etc.

Another service – Solar Energy

In cooperation with Sunpower – a leading solar company – and another French NGO (LP4Y), we are part of the 3S Project providing solar energy to families on the dumpsite. The outcome is noticeable as this clean energy is the cheapest and safest one.

100% of your donation goes to the field

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