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Our Summer camp in July 2022

The holidays are coming for everyone… 😎

In July, we are all going on summer camp together! 🥳

It’s been more than 3 years since our 420 children went on holiday. 😱 3 years… 😱 The strict lockdown for the children during all this time has blocked them in the centers: no holidays, no summer camp. 😩

Let’s imagine the excitement of this year!!! 😜🤩 The summer camp is one of the highlights of the year for our 420 street children. Some of them discover the sea and the sand for the first time in their lives.🏖

10 magical days of games and activities between friends, brothers and sisters as a real family. 💥😘

❤️ We need to help to offer this summer camp to the children ❤️

👉 Holidays for 1 child = 2 220 PhP = 40 € 👈