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Uniform for all🎒


Back to school means preparing the uniforms, a great challenge every year for the two purchasers volunteers.

Gaetan and Vianney had to go to all the centers to take the fitting of each child in order to purchase the complete uniform kit.

The children, who will be going back to school for the first time, are proud to wear a uniform for the first time. Their joy can be seen on their faces!

The bridge class also prepares new arrivals for the start of the new school year.

While arrival at Foundation, the children are invited to fill in a form which will define their level and enable the classes to be adapted to their profile.

The most recently arrived children attend the Bridge Class in-house school, while the others go to the local school.

As in a normal school, the bridge class at the foundation gives the children exams every 4 months to evaluate their level.
The last exam of the year is approaching, followed by the graduation ceremony on June 11.

They are all very interested to go to public school !

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