ANAK-Tnk's life

Financial and social transparency


Transparency on all levels is a key word which requires us to be careful and determined day after day. Financial transparency of course, human transparency above all. The children the foundation cares for are small fragile vases, sometimes broken, which need to be restored with immense delicacy. The wounds lie just beneath the surface, the suffering is still very present. However the idea of ‘transparency’ suggests above all a great permeability to light, the absence of a shadow. If we forget this, we risk losing sight of the aim of our race: protecting the most vulnerable, of course, taking them out of the claws of misery, definitely, but also and above all helping them see the true light, the one that heals the wounds of their heart and which is the source of authentic hope. Not standing in the way of the One who, alone, heals the bottom of their hearts. Being transparent so that we may never forget we are only instruments: “We are unworthy servants who have simply done our duty.” (Luke 17:10)

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