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Real answers to your most frequently asked questions!

How can I help your foundation?

Your donations make it all possible. 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs in Manila, Philippines.

You can also help us by spreading the word of the foundation’s work to those around you – to your friends, family and at your work – in order to encourage them to make a donation.

You may also help the children by organizing a fundraising event, running a race, joining any sports tournament for their profit.

You already have an idea? Contact us now!

How does my donation help the children?

By donating, you support our work to address the most crucial issues faced by Manila’s children: malnourishment, lack of education, access to medical care, and for most children, they’re literally living in the streets or in the slums. We have solutions for each and every one of these situations, thanks to your support.

To give you a more quantitative idea, our annual spending per child is around 500€. By setting up a monthly donation of 40€/month, you can fully support one child’s rehabilitation. Of course, one-time donations of any amount are also greatly appreciated.

What about financial transparency?

Since our beginning in 1998, we have operated following the fundamental principles of 1) transparency for all donations received and 2) the total volunteering of all the members within our ANAK-Tnk branches worldwide.
What’s more, an official Board of Auditors certifies the accounts every year, which are released publicly.

You can consult our financial transparency sheet here!

Can I make a monthly donation?

Yes, you just have to select the « make my donation monthly » upon donating and voila! This feature is available worldwide except in the Philippines. But we’re working on it!

At any time you can modify the recurrence of your donation with the information given to you by e-mail.

Can I be a volunteer on-site?

We welcome volunteers who are willing to spend at least 2 years working with us in Manila via our partners MEP and Fidesco. Unfortunately, we cannot allow shorter work periods as it would destabilize the children’s rehabilitation process; the « re-building » process of these children is easier when familiar faces stick around.

Furthermore, the majority of the team is composed of professional Filipinos,

Alternatively, you may join one of our international branches to help organize fundraising events and spread the word on our actions. To do so, please visit our contact list here.

Is it possible to parent a child on an individual basis?

We believe that all children should be treated and loved equally and therefore we do not enable individual sponsorship. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite!

Does the organization allow the adoption of children?

The Government is very strict regarding child adoption and only a few locations open by the Minister of social affairs are today approved.

There is a wish from the government to change these regulations and extend the process of adoption to Non-governmental organizations like ours and we will make sure to update this FAQ whenever adoption is made possible.

Can I welcome a child during the holidays?

We do not enable this practice, sorry.

Can I send any in-kind donation?

From abroad

All products that the foundation needs can be found in Manila for prices that are equivalent or inferior to those found abroad. Therefore we encourage online donations over in kind donations from abroad. But we’re greatly appreciative that you thought of us in the first place! :-)

In Manila

Here is a list of products that the foundation needs every month:

  • Medication similar to Paracetamol, vitamins and Betadine.
  • Hygiene products like soap and tooth-paste.
  • Non-perishable food: rice, pasta, cans (sardines, tuna, beef “corned beef”…)

Concerning the school supplies, here is the list of supplies that would be compatible with the school system in the Philippines:

  • Black, red, pens
  • Boxes of glitter
  • Thin permanent markers (black, blue)
  • Pastel crayons
  • Transparent tape and Elmer’s glue
  • Mathematical compasses
  • School Bags
  • Water Color
  • Here is the address to which you can send your donations:
    Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation (local Filippino denomination for ANAK-Tnk)
    94 Kalayaan Avenue – Barangay Central
    Quezon City – 1100 Metro Manila

    100% of your donation goes to the field

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