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COVID 19 – Impacts

Confined to our homes in Italy, France, Spain, Philippines… all over the world, we are all affected by this terrible virus. It shakes a world that had forgotten its fragility, its vulnerability. Sadly, the poorest are likely to suffer the most from this pandemic. In Metro Manila, with more than 25 million people, we could face an explosive situation.



We are certainly living in a time of uncertainty. All over the world, people are adapting to a new “normal” as we try to slow the spread of Covid-19 and protect the most vulnerable. This is no exception in the Philippines, specifically in Manila, where the ANAK-Tnk foundation resides.

In addition to closing their borders, the Philippines have quarantined all of the country for 2 month (from March 15 to May 15) in order to stop the spread of the virus. With orders to stay at home and severe travel restrictions in place within the city, many of our staff members simply cannot travel to and from the foundation.

-> Slums programs
: it’s now complicate to reach the slums areas, but we can still deliver foods to our day-care centers to distribute to the poorest ones. A huge vital challenge for them as they live paycheck to paycheck and cannot work during this time.

-> Street children programs
: ANAK-Tnk currently has 25 centers housing 370 children and 15 elderly abandoned in the streets! Today and since mid-March, they are all confined in our shelters with our dedicated staff.



-> Slums programs: we hope that we will be able to continue our mission for the poor communities during the lockdown, otherwise it will be hard for them to meet their basic needs.

-> Human Ressources
: Our centers depend on over 200 staff members, many of whom are forbidden to travel to work during this time, to care for the children every minute of the day. Thankfully, some staff members have agreed to remain in our centers 24/7 to care for the children.

-> Financial impact
: In order to compensate staff that are unable to work, the foundation will continue to provide assistance in an effort to prevent any severe hardships that may ensue in the coming weeks and months ahead. In addition, the foundation will compensate staff working overtime in the centers for days, potentially weeks on end.

-> Security
: Lockdown and uncertainty may cause a lack of safety. We have strengthened strict rules in all the foundation.

-> Home atmosphere
: Thankfully, there is a great family atmosphere in all the centers. We have adjusted the daily flow of activities, (schoolwork in the morning, sports and arts in the afternoon…). We also just launched a large contest of songs and dance for all our centers via an internet broadcast. Awarding ceremony at the end of the lockdown.

As you can see, we will continue to care for our children and dedicated staff members, many who are among the poorest, so that they can continue to care for the hundreds of children that depend on us. Without our devoted staff, the foundation cannot exist.


Our needs

Our needs are always great, understandably more so now than ever. During this global lockdown, here and abroad, all the fundraising events or partnerships are pending or cancelled. A huge impact for us as ANAK-Tnk, since 20 years, has no governmental funds and rely entirely on donations and sponsors.

Please consider sharing this info with others so that they might be aware of the needs of our neighbors, both near and far. Our children and employees depend on this generous support. We must remain united in our efforts to care for the most vulnerable during these times.

ANAK-Tnk family