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Children with Special Needs program
55 children | 3 centers

Among the abandoned children living in the streets of Manila, some have handicaps – which make them even more vulnerable, facing violence, drugs and prostitution.

Since 2006, ANAK-Tnk provides them the specific care they need and protects them by offering the means for a more autonomous life. Discover how we help them:

In the street

Children with disabilities are even more at risk on the streets. They have to survive facing such intolerable situations as violence and prostitution. The foundation has opened specialized homes for them, adapted to their abilities and particular needs.

Serving Special Needs

ANAK-Tnk offers these children an alternative to their life in the streets. With centers adapted to their singular needs, our educators offer them a specific adapted education and workshops.

We shelter them in a family atmosphere, offering them the specific care they need. The children benefit from medical and psychological follow-up.

To make this happen we have a team of qualified Filipino employees (social workers, psychologists, houseparents, street educators, health care assistants, teacher, etc.) who take care of them 24/7.

Workshops and specialized schooling

ANAK-Tnk has opened professional workshops for children with special needs where they learn basic skills which are the first step towards greater autonomy.

Our challenge is to help them integrate into the “working world” as part of the Filipino working people, with an adapted training for their abilities.

ANAK-Tnk also provides various specialized schooling to prepare them for life in society.

Long-term program

These shelters and workshops gives them the opportunity to shape their own future. ANAK-Tnk has the responsibility to take care of these youth, some who are already adults, until they become autonomous.


Social workers are looking for the family members of the children. The first goal of the foundation is to recreate the link between the child and his family whenever possible.

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